Kate Ober

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Hey girllll!

Welcome to my blog! My name is Kate Ober! I am a Fashion Model for Neal Hamil Agency and a fashion fiend who spends WAY TOO MUCH time shopping online (as most people say) but in my opinion you can never spend too much time shopping. Am I right ladies? The MOST important thing to me in life is my loved ones. I am sure you will see plenty of them as I do tend to dress them quite often and they are HUGE parts of my life!

Why am I starting a blog?

I decided I really wanted to blog in 2017 when friends and insta followers kept asking where to get outfits, accessories, and all that good stuff and because I am a crazy person when it comes to saving money while shopping. But my knowledge of blogging and the tech behind it was BADD and well, nothing has changed. So, bear with me as I am currently in the process of figuring this whole blog thing out AGAIN, and trust me when I say this whole website thing is far too confusing, but hey you gotta start somewhere!

What will my blog be about?

My goal is to provide you with an ultimate guide to looking expensive on a budget and don’t we all want a lil money left in our bank account even after we went HAM shopping! I will also be providing you with many online stores that have great prices and great products! With each store I will give a brief description of what they are best for. . . that being prom, brunch, girls night out, jewelry, purses, etc. . .

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